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My sustainability journey

Sustainability is one of the my cornerstones


My paper is sourced from an FSC-certified supplier, our stock prints are printed on hemp fibre paper and all of my packaging is plastic free. Everything is designed, printed & dispatched here in Surrey.

Sustainable Surrey Prints _ Paper.jpg

My paper choice

After many sample packs I made my first eco decision.


All of my A4 prints use Hahnemhle Natural line paper , awarded the prestigious “Best inkjet Photo Paper” medal in the TIPA World Awards. This beautiful paper features a combination of fibres (60% hemp and 40% cotton); it offers a matt finish and absorbs my muted colour palette beautifully.  

Sustainable Surrey Prints _ Packaging.jpg

My packaging

All of my products are paper based which means they are 100% recyclable.


My card range comes 'naked' with a peel off sticker.  I work hard to protect my prints when posting or stocking markets; I use vegetable starch bags that are fully compostable in your home compost or paper bags which can be recycled. 

Printing to order or in small batches

All of my products are designed, manufactured and shipped from my home office in Surrey.


I print in small batches for my markets or on demand. This means that I can keep track of my waste through inventory. When I have to outsource printing or purchasing I will always try to source from local or UK based companies. I even buy my paper in bulk from somewhere 10 minutes away from my parents house to save the carbon footprint of an additional delivery!  

Sustainable Surrey Prints _ Proofs.jpg

Digital draft sharing of commissions

I share digital drafts with my commission clients; allowing them to view on screen and avoid paper waste.


Making alterations or even dramatic changes as a digital artist (I illustrate on an ipad) means that I am not creating unnecessary waste either!

Sustainable Surrey Prints _ Digital drawing.jpg

We all have to play our part

to care about the world!  

Since I started my brand I have wanted to make conscious choices about the materials I am using, the way I am working and the company I keep! Now, nobody is perfect but I am always evolving and improving the decisions I am making.

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