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Start-up package 

Perfect for those starting out

and looking for small business branding

Our 'Business Start-Up Package'
Completed in approx 3 weeks

starts from £450

We also offer a 'pick and mix' service so you can choose the elements that will best help you get started.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Step one
Questionnaire &
1 call/meeting

During the initial meeting, or call we will chat about your new business, your audience and the type of business you want your brand to grow into!
In advance of our meeting I will send over a questionnaire to get you thinking in the right way. We will look through any mood boards or graphics that you love and start to shape an idea in our mind of the look of your brand.

Step two
Initial draft logos

Our initial draft will include a whole load of ideas as we look to refine your preferred style. We try and give you lots of visions across the range of ideas you chatted about in our meeting.

Our draft usually includes: 

  • 10 Monochrome logos (Which we later take into colour)

  • 3 colour palettes

  • 3 Mood boards

Image by laura adai
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Step three
Refining your logo

At this stage we will look to move forward with one of the suggestions that you love, or draw various elements together into something that feels perfect for you.  ​We look to apply your favoured colour palette at this stage and work towards your preferred brand mood. 

This draft usually includes 

  • 4 example logos in colour

  • Branding elements or pattern 

  • Typography

We will start to create a framework for your website at this stage too. This gives you a chance to start to focus on the areas of content that you need to write or get us helping you with. 

Step four
The 'End's In Sight' draft!

Horray! We've made it through brand design at this point. We will create your very own branding pack with logos in the various formats you might need them and typography detail. 

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Step five
Social Media Sets

With your brand look and logo in place we will build you a social media set so you can get going on shouting about your new business. 
We include:
4 Story templates
4 Post templates 
3 Instagram
 Story icons 

Step six
Building your website design

We like to work with WIX.  It gives great design-led results and allows you to have complete control over your website (and more) after we have set you up and running.  We have experience with Squarespace and Wordpress too but favour, if we are honest, Wix.

We don’t include the monthly/ yearly subscription fee in our package. We always suggest that you do this yourself so you have full ownership!

You can find more details here:

We will connect your WIX site to your domain and again suggest that you purchase this direct through GoDaddy or similar. (We only take this step when everything is finished)

We can be on hand to help advise with these two purchases. 

Image by Ben Kolde

Step seven
Final tweaks

Usually looking through a live site triggers a whole host of preferences, ideas or copy! We will build your initial site to flow with your branding and vision. We include 2 hours on amends and can always tag on additional hours of work  at an hourly rate if you’re feeling a little indecisive (and let’s face it its worth getting right!)  

Once we have your desktop site complete we go through and make alterations to make sure it works on mobile devices too. We also include basic SEO steps to make sure your site is ready to be optimised.

We are happy to offer basic training sessions too, so you’re aware of how to modify or amend the content and site as your business evolves.


We usually predict the whole process will take 3 weeks from initial consultation to completed design.

Image by Charles Deluvio
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