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We created this print to celebrate the very best of Surrey's brewers.

(in no order)

Surrey Hills Brewery

The Godstone Brewers 

Pilgrim Brewery

Titsey Brewing 

Dorking Brewery 

Crumbs Brewing


We create our prints with a single collection of digital artworks. We draw with an iPad pencil choosing from consistent favourites pen + ink, watercolour and 6B pencil. 
We work from real-life observations or photographs in our studio building up our artwork through layers of our marks and colours. We often use artistic license to create a composition synergy between several drawings that suits our illustrative style. 

Please note we have sought the approval of each business before using their brand, we illustrate with their approval. 


We use beautifully weighty paper (290 gsm) to print our digital artwork. We print on sustainable hemp and cotton paper (60% hemp fibre, 40% cotton); making a mindful act of sustainability. 
Our paper is also Acid- and lignin-free.

Surrey Beer Lovers | A4 Illustrated Print

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