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Business start-up services

Wow what an exciting time for you! 

Having the gumption to start something new is impressive and putting yourself out there can be daunting! It's my job to design and build the best possible power suit (in a marketing sense) for you! You are welcome to pick and choose from my services or opt for my start-up package! 

Awesome Lasercutting branding design package.jpg

Custom logo design 

I take a holistic and practical approach to building brands, not just logos.

The process we embark on together will bring out your core values, aspirations and unique ‘power points’ so you have a firm idea of the visual identity you want your business to uphold in the years to come.


I will get to know you: learn what will make your business thrive, understand how to best place you amongst your competition, and glean all the 'magic differences' your business will bring to the world.

I create personality driven typography and illustrative logos.

Lavender Lettings Redhill Website on iphone screen

Website design services

I design and create service-based or e-commerce websites through template builder platforms such as Wix, Squarespace or Shopify.

You will find me to be friendly, proactive, and engaging in the way I work, boosting your confidence to take the next step and create ‘shop front’ website.  The sites I design work hard to engage the reader through dynamic visuals, logical navigation maps, and concise personality-driven copy.  


I love Wix, Squarespace and Shopify because these sites are easy to maintain even for business owners without lots of technical know-how. I offer training sessions and as much back and forth as is needed to make sure that a site is built not just for now, but for the future.

Image by NordWood Themes

My small biz start-up package

What am I like to work with?

You will find me to be an energetic, excitable and, I hope joyous, Surrey based graphic designer to work with!


I have a mission to always be open, honest and genuine with my clients. A chatterbox by nature I am always keen to hear about the wider business picture and find ways to bring more elements into a briefs resolution that you wouldn’t even expect.

I am always happy to meet in person, chat on the phone, exchange countless whatsapp’ messages or emails to make sure we find that “magic” when we complete the project.

Debbie Poulton Brand and Feel Graphic designer in Surrey

Estimated working schedules 

All of my products are paper based which means they are 100% recyclable.


My card range cards come naked with a peel off sticker.  I work hard to protect my prints when posting or stocking markets; I use vegetable starch bags that are fully compostable in your home compost or paper bags which can be recycled. 

Studio space Brand and Feel, small Surrey business


we have been lucky enough to work with in the past 

Gusto Catering Limited Logo
Calm Mama Collective logo designed by Brand and Feel
Sole2smile Surrey small business
The Surrey Health Coach Logo Surrey Small business
Priory Farm Estate logo Surrey business
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